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Review - PAN, Journal of the British Flute Society - 'Affect is no Crime' Arcana - Outhere Music

' (...) Matteo Gemolo has become one of the leading exponents in this area. His playing is inspiring; approaching new music on traverso is sometimes highly complex, requiring virtuoso technical control and musical sensitivity to bring out the best of the instrument without veering too close to a modern flute sound. He balances these aspects well, demon-

strating a range of techniques from percussive articulations to pitch bends, flutter tonguing, jet whistles and air sounds while still producing a distinctive traverso character.

The rest of the ensemble is similarly polished; their sound is carefully balanced with perfect control of intonation, and an energetic and engaged interpretation. (...) This is a thoroughly engaging CD which is full of fascinating sounds, produced expertly by a world-class ensemble. This will be staying on my iTunes playlist for quite some time.' Carla Rees

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